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7 International BuzzFeed Posts We Loved This Week

We regretted those early 2000s flower barrettes, went to VERY FRENCH PLACES and broke the story of a second British parliamentary candidate who wants the world to know he is living with HIV.

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4. From BF UK: Second Parliamentary Candidate Reveals He Is HIV+ And Lashes Out At Farage

Paul Childs / Via Facebook

Following up a huge scoop from last week, LGBT editor Patrick Strudwick broke the news that a second parliamentary candidate is living with HIV. “We need more people speaking out,” Liberal Democrat Paul Childs told BuzzFeed News. “It’s got to become a normal thing for people to say they’re HIV positive.

5. From BF Deutschland: Students From Mainz Protest Racist Company Logo And Get Bullied By German Politicians

Nina covered the controversy around a roofing company's logo.