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19 Things That Happen When You Start Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Atirar-se de cabeça.

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11. But you still feel really self-conscious pronouncing your Rs as Hs.

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It just feels wrong somehow, like you're trying to pull off an outfit you know you can't actually pull off.


15. Whenever you hear people use a word you know in conversation, you do a little happy dance inside.


I know what they're talking about, you say to yourself smugly. Something is happening on THURSDAY. Hopefully something that involves wearing sandals, reading books, or the other handful of actions you have the vocabulary to discuss.

16. Because you've learned a lot of very ~useful~ phrases already.

17. You feel a special fondness for the words you learned early on and take every possible opportunity to use them.


I order pineapple juice all the time partly because it's delicious but mostly because it's fun to say abacaxi.


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