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    • susans38

      Likealot of the commentators,Itoo hope and pray in vain foraBTVS movie but there isasmall, dark, realistic part of me that gets that isabe careful what you wish for kind of deal.  Do you all remember when there was talk ofaBTVS movie, one not written, approved or directed by Joss in any way shape or form but conceived by the people that simply put money into the original movie and looked to cash in on the series popularity? If that was how they were gonna do the movie,Iwas more than happy to go without. Plus what kind of Buffy movie would it be? SMG pretty much quit the series via magazine cover foramovie career and since that didn’t exactly happen I’m sure she’s down forado-over butalot of fans think she killed the series by making it clear she was done. On the other side of that, there are the fans like me that think she is Buffy and don’t want someone else playing that character.
      Alot of fans would be down foraFaith series, which I’d totally watch and others wantanew potential to take center stage. Then there are those who don’t wantanew slayer, they want Felicia Day, who proved she could kick ass in the Dragon Age mini-series but is famous as herself making it hard for others to accept her asacharacter. So do make the comics intoamovie or do you reboot and if so do you go historical pre-Buffy Slayer or Fray-esque Slayer?  Given that there is absolutely no way all the fans are gonna be happy,Ican totally see why Joss is keeping his mouth shut on anything Buffy.

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