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NASA's Image Of The Day

Dr. Ellen Ochoa was featured on March 23

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Everyday, NASA features an image of the day on its homepage. For yesterday, March 23, Dr. Ellen Ochoa's picture graced the headline.

Dr. Ellen Ochoa- A Trailblazer

After recieving her bachelors of science and doctoral degrees at Stanford, Ochoa was selected by NASA in 1990 as the world's first Hispanic female astronaut. She served on the the STS-56 nine-day mission on the Discovery space shuttle. She has served on a total of four space missions, adding up to approximately 1,000 hours in orbit. She's currently the 11th director of NASA's Johnson Space Center, making her the first hispanic director and the second female director.

What She Does

Ochoa is a mission specialist and flight engineer. She works on flight software, computer hardware development, and robotics development. She's also been a research engineer at Sandia National Laboratories and NASA Ames Research Center, where she investigated optical systems for information processing. She hold three patents and has authored many technical papers.

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