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    5 Things You May Not Understand About Fundamentalism

    Fundamentalism causes more befuddlement than anything else in America these days, followed closely by kale chips and the Kardashians.

    I know fundamentalism inside-out. I was in, and now I'm out. An earnest evangelical for 20 years or so, I grew up immersed in religion: at multi-weekly church services, a conservative school and summer missionary camps. What fundamentalism is doing to the world matters. It matters enough to catch a glimpse of what's motivating those beliefs instead of just rolling our eyes at them. It matters enough to tell the story through cat gifs.

    1. Eternity. Literally the best thing ever.

    2. Contradictions, begone!

    3. The road to hell is paved with an open mind.

    4. It’s hard in there for a fundamentalist.

    5. You’re a mean one, Mr. Fundamentalist.