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16 Reasons Why Vigilantes Make the Worst Lovers

Run away, tbh.

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There’s Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), whose smile could light up a blind man's world.


A blind lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night, he's committed to kicking butt and protecting the people of Hell's Kitchen.

Then there's Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who's got an aim like Cupid.

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People of Starling City know him simply as a billionaire bad boy. But at night, Queen throws on a hood and hunts down the wealthy criminals who plague his city.


Alluring as they may seem at first, there are many reasons you should never date vigilantes.

1. For starters, all your dates will be short-lived.

They'll likely end in explosions — and not the good kind.


9. Most of your evenings together will involve you nursing them back to life.

You'll be lucky to see them at all.


13. They'll push you away in the name of "keeping you safe" — which is annoying AF.

14. In addition to their martyr complex, there will be a slew of other emotional issues...

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