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    Aug 5, 2015

    16 Reasons Why Vigilantes Make the Worst Lovers

    Run away, tbh.

    Those of you who have watched Daredevil and Arrow are probably familiar with the shows' protagonists.

    There’s Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), whose smile could light up a blind man's world.


    A blind lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night, he's committed to kicking butt and protecting the people of Hell's Kitchen.

    Then there's Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who's got an aim like Cupid.

    The CW / Via

    People of Starling City know him simply as a billionaire bad boy. But at night, Queen throws on a hood and hunts down the wealthy criminals who plague his city.

    Both are good-looking, elusive baddies who sometimes break the law. They sound like total dreamboats, right?

    The CW / Via


    Alluring as they may seem at first, there are many reasons you should never date vigilantes.

    1. For starters, all your dates will be short-lived.

    They'll usually end in sparks and explosions — and not the kind you want.
    They'll usually end in sparks and explosions — and not the kind you want.

    They'll likely end in explosions — and not the good kind.

    2. You'll never be safe.

    3. At some point, you'll probably end up in a hostage situation.

    Which is never fun.

    4. Seriously, the bad guys will love kidnapping you.

    The CW

    It sucks.

    5. And these kidnappings will leave your apartment in shambles.

    The CW
    The CW
    The CW


    6. Your father most likely won’t approve.

    And rightly so!

    7. You'll never know where they are.

    Netflix / Via

    Or what they're doing.

    8. Or, like, if they're even alive.

    The CW / Via

    "Hey baby, just calling to see how you are — and to see if you're still alive. Let me know. OR NOT. WHATEVER."

    9. Most of your evenings together will involve you nursing them back to life.


    You'll be lucky to see them at all.

    10. After a while, it'll become YOUR job to save them.

    Or to stop them from embarking on suicide missions.

    11. They'll never be completely honest with you.

    Their crime-fighting lifestyle won't allow for much secret-swapping.

    12. In fact, you'll be lucky if these stoic motherfuckers open up at all.

    13. They'll push you away in the name of "keeping you safe" — which is annoying AF.

    14. In addition to their martyr complex, there will be a slew of other emotional issues...

    15. Basically these vigilantes have the power to plunge you into a deep depression.

    The CW / Via

    Perhaps even a drinking problem.

    16. And you'll be lucky if you survive them unscathed and PTSD-free.

    Netflix / Via

    Stay far away from them.

    Netflix / Via

    Run as fast as you can, tbh.

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