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There Are Actual Spanking Sounds In This Movie Score

Annnnnd it's for a film about Wonder Woman.

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In keeping with the film's theme of nontraditional love and alternative sexuality, composer Tom Howe actually infused sounds of whips and spanking into the film's score. Take a listen to one of the tracks below!


Dominatrixes went into the studio for a day "and recorded a whole host of different noises of slaps and whips," Howe told BuzzFeed News. He said he'd been experimenting with various percussive elements when Professor Marston director Angela Robinson suggested incorporating sounds of spanking into the music. "So then I got a whole roll of, literally, hours worth of different whips and spanks," he said with a laugh.

"I wanted the music to have something about it that was a little bit subversive. Something in there that [said], 'Well, this is lovely, but there is something about it that's a little bit different,'" Howe continued.

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