13 Ways To React To Dicks At Work, As Told By Paul Johansson

    Because the actor behind the newest Mad Men jerk and the oh-so-hated Dan Scott on One Tree Hill knows how to deal with major a-holes.

    Paul Johansson played a negligent father-turned-murderer and overall sleazeball on One Tree Hill, and now he's on Mad Men as McCann Erickson exec Ferg Donnelly, making more lives miserable. (Poor Joan.)

    Clearly, he knows what it means to be a major dick. He recently stopped by BuzzFeed's offices in Los Angeles to help all of us who've had to deal with a workplace asshole. These are faces we know all too well.

    1. When you get to work and find that someone has taken your parking spot.

    2. When someone eats your sandwich that you've clearly labeled.

    3. When someone talks over you in a meeting.

    4. When someone ignores your email for hours, even though they sit right next to you.

    5. When someone calls you out for getting seconds at lunch.

    6. When someone points out that you’re hungover to the entire office.

    7. When someone hits on your significant other at the company party.

    8. When someone cuts you in line for the coffee machine.

    9. When you see someone bragging about their promotion on Facebook.

    10. When that one person is singing "Uptown Funk" loudly. Again.

    11. When the person next to you left their smelly lunch sitting out.

    12. When your boss gives you an assignment at the very end of the day.

    13. When someone is constantly taking personal calls at work.

    Johansson: I have a name for that. It's called "Chad Michael Murray."