9 New Facts That Prove Hollywood Has A Diversity Problem

    Shit is bleak, y'all.

    The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism released a revealing report on diversity in entertainment this week. Here are the most jaw-dropping stats that show little has changed. (Spoiler alert: Television is less diverse than we thought.)

    1. There were far more speaking roles for men than there were for women in both film and television.

    2. At least half or more of all cinematic, TV, or streaming stories failed to depict one speaking or named Asian or Asian-American on screen.

    3. The majority of characters of color with speaking parts in film were male.

    4. Only 2% of the speaking characters surveyed identified as LGBT.

    5. Only about a quarter of TV shows were created by women.

    6. Sexualization of women was rampant across all platforms. Female characters were more likely to be shown in "sexy attire," or in partial or full nudity than their male counterparts.

    7. There were few women directors in both film and television.

    8. Across all media platforms, there were way more white directors than there were directors who were people of color.

    9. Middle age and elderly women were rarely shown onscreen.