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26 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like Growing Up Chinese

"What's for dinner?" RICE, DUH.

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1. When you were hungry and craving a snack.

#GrowingUpAsian this container was filled with damn sewing supplies and no cookies

2. So then you looked in the fridge, only to have your dreams crushed all over again.

#growingupasian when u want some ice-cream,

3. When your mom decided to teach you how to cook.

#GrowingUpAsian measuring how much water to put in the rice by...

4. Scrambled eggs with rice was a staple.

#growingupasian whisking eggs with chopsticks


5. But first, you had to rummage through this clusterfuck of pans.

#GrowingUpAsian Having to take out all the pots and pans in the big oven before you could actually cook anything

6. Your entire family could have lived off this, tbh.

#growingupasian #growingupchinese breakfast every morning

7. But sometimes your mom got fancy with dinner.

#GrowingUpAsian daring ur siblings to poke the ones that were still alive

8. When you were about to start eating, only to be reprimanded for invoking the gods of death.

#GrowingUpAsian if you ever did this your parents would lecture you on superstitions


9. Hot water was the only readily available drink.

#growingupasian Who doesn't need hot water at all times of the day?

10. These things were crack.

"@letzitaolive: #GrowingUpAsian white rabbit milk candy. you eat the 'plastic' too " i missed thissss

11. When you turned on the TV for cartoons, only to get reruns of a Chinese drama.

12. Channel surfing never helped.

#Growingupasian all the remotes were likes this.


13. Because this was the closest thing to cartoons.

14. When you tried helping your mom clean, but you had no idea what to do with these leftover containers.

#growingupchinese or am i the only one who has like 80 of these

15. And you never ran out of trash bags.

“@typicallytrang: #GrowingUpAsian "I need a bag" ” 😂😂😂 on point 😂😂


17. The million shoes always got in your way.

#GrowingUpAsian meant your doorstep always looking like this

18. Especially your grandma's shoes.

The only damn shoes my grandma owned. #GrowingUpAsian #GrowingUpKorean

19. And these random step stools.

#GrowingUpAsian Having one of these in various rooms around the house

20. Whenever you visited China, you had a photo shoot done.

#GrowingUpAsian going to China and getting family portraits there


21. Which was less embarrassing than having your parents photograph you.

#GrowingUpAsian your mom/dad would take pictures of you like

22. You always came back to the 'States with cute pajamas — often emblazoned with random English words that made no sense.

shoutout to my sister for buying me the cutest cow pjs from china

23. These blankets drove you crazy — too thick and wooly to sleep with.

#GrowingUpAsian having these thick wooly blankets with the weird prints.

24. You knew to run whenever you saw the following items.

you know you're gonna have a bad time when your parents go mad and start finding one of these 😂 #GrowingUpAsian

25. But sometimes as punishment, you were forced to do math.

#GrowingUpAsian when you were given these instead of coloring books

26. And there was no slacking off because Buddha was always watching.

"I put that there so Buddha is always watching you tawn kam (play piano)." - mom #GrowingUpAsian