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OMG, Chrissy Teigen’s Mom Is A Goddamn Icon

Never forget the sausage on the lights.

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It's common knowledge that Chrissy Teigen's Twitter is one of the best damn things on the internet.

I mean, look.

But the model/host/living goddess/queen of Twitter recently started blessing our timelines with videos of her mom, and THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.

Meet Vilailuck Teigen aka @pepperthai2, who is iconic.

You might recall her from the mom-and-daughter epic sausage-making sesh Tiegen posted a few weeks ago.

And by that I mean, it was really just Vilailuck making sausages.

👑 It's when "Sausage Queen" was born...

Along with this quote for the ages...

Yesterday, Vilailuck blessed our lives by making another appearance on her daughter's Twitter. 🙏

It was the cutest.

She shared the truth about the nature of friendships.

"I don't need friend. They disappoint me."

She did this thing with her shoe.

And she reenacted the "I don't want your life" scene from Varsity Blues.

If you can't get enough of these "auditions," you're in luck because Teigen is accepting more dramatic lines for her mom to read.

send me your dramatic lines you want my mom to read