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Top 5 Festivals In Bali, Indonesia 2017

Bali is a sure safe haven to many travellers looking for a relaxing and enchanting break. It’s dynamic landscape is noted for its spectacular waterfalls, stunning river valleys, temples and dominant volcanoes. Coupled with Bali’s diverse culture, which is cloaked in colour and beautiful rich food it keeps people coming back year after year. Bali festivals and events are an important feature in the local community calendar and are a great way to gain insight into the lives of the Balinese and those who have chosen to make Bali their home. These festivals showcase the unique wealth of culture and set it apart from other destinations. Festivals are a great way to experience this amazing backdrop and act as an ideal introduction to the locals and other like-minded travellers. It is worth planning your trip to accommodate these highlight events.

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1. Bali Arts Festival June- July / Via

If you are in Bali for July then you are in for a treat. The Bali Arts Festival has a wealth of activities that highlight the abundance of culture and art in Bali. Hundreds of artisans from Denpasar, Bali’s eight provinces and other neighbouring islands all join to showcase their talents and creativity. A parade leads through the town with a mixture of children and adults that all join together in this beautiful spectacle. The event runs from the second Saturday in June and throughout July so you can really enjoy the full experience of new Balinese art, dance and entertainment every single day!

2. Gili Air Festival March 31 – April 2

Gili Air Festival commits to bringing the adventure directly to you. Since inception, Air Festival has prided itself on creating a joyful space to harness fun whilst having the lowest possible impact on the natural surrounding. The festival is set just off the coast of Bali on a tiny island where there are no cars - only bicycles and horse drawn carriages. The entire island can be explored by foot during the days, leaving you to spend the rest of your time snorkelling, diving or dancing under the starry skies at night.

3. Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival 5 - 9 April / Via

Ancient Futures is the inaugural festival offering from the NewEarth Nation. Set just outside of Ubud, the festival area is surrounded by beautiful paddy fields and immersed in natural waterfalls and forests. The gathering itself is held in bespoke designed bio-resonant structures. This lovingly curated gathering offers a holistic experience for its co-creating participants. Come to experience dynamic talks and debates from world class speakers, a range of healing modalities including yoga and transformational breathing, spectacular evening performance from global musicians, ecstatic dance, high vibrational nutrition, artistic expression, ceremony and more.

4. Bali Spirit Festival 19 – March 26

One of the biggest and longest Yoga festivals in the world takes place in Bali in March. The event brings people from all walks of life to enjoy in unison the benefits of yoga, dance, music and healing. Set in a beautiful venue surrounded by forests and nature this is a real way to enjoy the Balinese landscape and switch off from the stresses of everyday life. The event starts at 8am and finishes at 11pm daily and holds a range of workshops, seminars, community markets and healing centre. There is a childrens activity zone and live performances spread across the week from around the world. A perfect place to unite and meet new friends, whilst enjoying yoga!

5. New Earth Haven Heal Fest – last weekend of each month / Via

The word Ubud descends from the Balinese term Ubad, meaning medicine. This healing centred day festival held outside of Ubud aims to encompass any and all of the activities that lead to a greater healing and realization for us as individuals and the collective. The NewEarth Haven Healing Fest is one of Bali’s ongoing monthly festivals. This will be a great opportunity to try different healing techniques and learn more about how we can all be self sustaining as part of our own healing processes. At night guests will be serenaded by traditional Balinese music, dance and performers and accompanying world music.

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