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    Posted on May 11, 2017

    12 Times Women Weren't Sending You Any "Signals"

    Sometimes you were just being cool.

    1. Sometimes you were just being nice to someone and it was confused with giving the person the "green light." / Via

    So now you end up thinking twice before interacting with someone, or you just go around with a frown on your face so they don't "get the wrong idea."

    2. Trading stories with your Uber driver does not mean that you "gave him a signal."

    Netflix / Divulgação / Via

    3. And on public transportation, if you sit down next to a man it's probably just because you didn't want to stand up any more.

    Twitter: @knerwrbetter

    It's a vacant seat during rush hour. Don't read into it.

    4. If you sit down alone to eat your lunch, your intention is most likely to eat something quickly and then get on with your day.

    NBC / Via

    You know this, but you still feel uneasy, so you sit staring at your cell phone, feeling a little judged.

    5. And you definitely weren't flirting with the stranger you had to share a table with in the crowded food court.

    You feel very happy when you spot another woman eating alone.

    6. Was your skirt a bit high or your blouse open where it shouldn't have been? It's only because it slipped a little and you didn't notice.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Wardrobe malfunctions happen. They're not an invitation or a signal.

    7. But if you left the house with a sexy outfit on, sometimes it's just because you wanted to.

    MTV / Via

    Yep, it is a beautiful look, but not necessarily an invitation.

    8. Accepting someone's help carrying something doesn't mean that you want to "give something in return" to that person.

    Twitter: @emilaine_santos

    Imagine, what madness, people helping each other out of simple kindness.

    9. Do you know that little tinge of fear you get when you have to ask for help from the doorman or a building employee?

    Globo / Divulgação

    Even more so if you're home alone. Because apparently asking for help is equivalent to asking for a date. Who knew???

    10. You're also not hitting on someone when you don't know anyone at your college, or at your new job, and you strike up a conversation with a colleague.

    Globo / Divulgação / Via Twitter: @sophiradassa

    11. Or even worse, when the teacher or boss thinks you're talking to them because you're "interested."

    12. And sometimes, it's not only the men who have these ideas about "green lights." Women also say similar stuff to each other.

    Twitter: @doniasgama

    "You were sending him signals." How? By asking him to hold the door when I had my hands full with groceries??? Come on, really.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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