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    Updated on Feb 11, 2019. Posted on May 9, 2017

    16 Thoughts Every Woman Has Had During Sex With A Man

    He whispered something in my ear, but I didn't understand a DAMN WORD.

    1. I can't believe this song popped into my head right now.

    Now, every time I hear it, I'm gonna remember this fuck.

    2. I'm lying on something, but God only knows what it is.

    Record / Divulgação

    My cell phone? My glasses?

    3. He whispered something in my ear, but I didn't understand a DAMN WORD.

    Would it be bad to ask, "Hmmm, what was that, handsome?"

    4. With those jeans he's wearing, I can't really tell if he's "ready" or not.

    But, if he were 100%, I think I'd know.

    5. Jeez, could he not be getting it up? What a mess.

    No worries, let's give the guy a little time.

    6. Well, would you look at that. I swear I never imagined THAT BODY under all those clothes.

    Twitter: @msannamellado

    Nothing wrong with that at all.

    7. Seriously, is there such a thing as TOO wet?

    Giphy / Via

    Because I think I am.

    8. Ah fuck, I was so close.

    Globo / Divulgação / Via Twitter: @realitysocial

    Let's go, focus.

    9. I'll kill this bastard if he stops now.

    Don't. Stop. Now.

    10. He didn't stop! I LOVE you.

    At least exactly right now, I'm in love.

    11. Jesus Christ, I think I'm getting a cramp...

    Right in the arch of my foot.

    12. Is it wrong to be wondering how many calories I'm burning right now?

    I'm getting one hell of a work out.

    13. That was great and all, but for the love of God, I NEED to pee.

    Twitter: @thewhitefoxie

    And if you need to pee right in the MIDDLE of it? Good luck.

    14. Jeez, just look at how much hair fell out, mine and his!

    Ahphotoswpg / Getty Images

    And just when I was wanting to let it grow.

    15. Actually, these knots in my hair are never coming out, are they?

    I didn't even bounce around that much!

    16. But it's all good, 'cause my sex hair is simply MAR-VE-LOUS.

    Is it wrong that I want to take a selfie to capture the voluptuous beauty that is my hair at this very moment?

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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