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    13 Things You Worry About Way Too Much If You're A Woman

    There's no expiration date for making your life work out.

    1. Thinking that you need to feel wonderful every day.

    2. Being a champion at social skills.

    3. Never repeating mistakes.

    4. Feeling like you have to have a perfect relationship.

    5. Thinking that you should dress a certain way.

    6. Trying to change the people around you.

    7. Living on a diet.

    8. Feeling like you have an expiration date.

    9. Trying to achieve unattainable standards for success.

    10. Being afraid "they" might not like you.

    11. Other people's opinions about your sex life.

    12. Being afraid of failure.

    13. Torturing yourself over little things.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.