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13 Things You Worry About Way Too Much If You're A Woman

There's no expiration date for making your life work out.

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1. Thinking that you need to feel wonderful every day.

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Learning to accept and love your own body is an ongoing process and it can last a lifetime. The important thing is to treat yourself with care and tenderness even when you're not feeling like a great diva.

2. Being a champion at social skills.

In addition to accepting your body, it's liberating to learn to accept your personality and how you deal with others. Don't force yourself to be someone you're not just to please other people.

3. Never repeating mistakes.

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There's no magic wand you can wave that will get you through life without repeating any of your mistakes. All you can do it recognize your faults and try to deal with them. That alone is a big first step.

4. Feeling like you have to have a perfect relationship.


Relationships are something you have to work at and build towards every day, and each new person is a different story, so there's always going to be room for improvement.


5. Thinking that you should dress a certain way.

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It's nice to dress up if you enjoy it, and it can be fun to put together fashionable outfits, but clothes are just clothes. It's really not worth going into debt for fashion, and you definitely shouldn't compare your style to others'.

6. Trying to change the people around you.

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Waiting for other people to change can be frustrating, and to be honest, it usually doesn't happen. It's easier to learn to accept them for you they are, or if they're really not good for you, maybe it's best to stay away from them.

7. Living on a diet.

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Always depriving yourself of what you love to eat simply isn't sustainable, and it just makes life sad. Making peace with yourself means also making peace with food.

8. Feeling like you have an expiration date.

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You can grow and mature without having to stop doing the things you like, and you should keep being yourself for as long as you want. There is no set date on when you need to feel fulfilled, or loved, or comfortable in your career.


9. Trying to achieve unattainable standards for success.

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The world is a mess, and nobody has everything all figured out, even if they seem older and more mature and put together. Don't get too worked up about it.

10. Being afraid "they" might not like you.

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No matter how hard you try, you can't control what others think of you. As soon as you come to terms with that, it makes life a lot easier.

11. Other people's opinions about your sex life.

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Don't worry about being "talked about" and don't stay with someone who's not right for you just because you're worried about what people will say if you break up, or because you're afraid of being "unlovable."

13. Torturing yourself over little things.

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And then you torture yourself a little more for torturing yourself, and so on until a tiny mistake snowballs into something much worse. No one deserves that.

This post was translated from Portuguese.