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The 15 Worst Parts Of Being A Woman With Ridiculously Small Feet

Small feet. Big life.

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1. When the salesperson at the kids' shoes section asks, "How old is the little cutie?" And you answer: "28. They're for me."

Sure, it's possible to find cute shoes in your size. As long as you shop at Zara Kids.
Zara Kids /

Sure, it's possible to find cute shoes in your size. As long as you shop at Zara Kids.

2. Your existence depends on those couple extra holes on the straps of your sandals.

3. The internet is your best friend because it lets you look for shoes specifically by their size - which means all you need to do is work it as hard as possible to make them look as fabulous as they did in the photo.

Enjoei /

For example, Lightinthebox offers various options in sizes 33 and 34. (2-3 in U.S. sizes.)

4. In your nightmares, you hear the same phrase repeated over and over again... "I can see if we have your size at a different store."

Instagram: @arezzo

5. You mostly stick to boots and tennis shoes because they're the only thing you can wear that won't constantly slip off your feet.

You can find all sorts of smaller sneakers at!

You can find all sorts of smaller sneakers at!

6. But you always get sweet revenge during sales, since the only shoes that don't get picked over right away are the very large or very small sizes.

Instagram: @sharedesigns

7. You learn to love plastic, since brands like Melissa and Havaianas are usually the only companies that make nice shoes in your size.

Instagram: @melissaoficial

8. Your little feet need to be cared for. You need shoes that "hug" your feet and don't give them a chance to escape. Because given the chance, they'll definitely try to.

Instagram: @prettyfancyfeet

9. And small feet don't always come attached to small people! If you're taller with small feet, keeping your balance can be a challenge.

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10. Judging by your footprints in the sand, it looks like your friends took one of their kids to the beach.


11. "One size fits all" shoes and socks inevitably end up giving you that infamous "clown shoe" look.

Denisfilm / Getty Images

12. Insoles are your best friend. Some people have even found very creative ways to make them. (Yes... that's a pad).

Instagram: @josianefernandesmendes

13. Did someone say sweaty feet? Sometimes the only way to wear those cute boots is with several pairs of socks.

Instagram: @malabiauy

14. On the plus side, painting your toenails is very economical, since you basically just have to lightly touch them once with the brush.

Instagram: @mrsguptasquared

15. And when you hear phrases like "Cinderella feet," you think "hmm... not quite".


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