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    Here Are 11 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was In My Early Twenties

    Like: You still have a LOT of time to achieve what you want!

    1. Thinking seriously about where you want to be in five years isn't weird!

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    We've all been born into lives with different opportunities, but thinking about what we really want in life will help us come up with goals and ~achieve~ them. And it's never too early to start planning, even if/when your plans change every few months!

    2. But also: you still have a LOT of time to achieve what you want.

    3. Having a "dry spell" is extremely normal, and it happens to everyone.


    If you're not hooking up with anybody at the moment, chill. It'll happen sooner or later. Society tries to convince us that being alone is the worst thing that could happen, and this can lead us into making wrong decisions instead of simply celebrating ourselves.

    4. If someone doesn't value your presence in their life, stop granting them that privilege.

    5. It's always a good idea to be nice.

    6. Pay close attention to your spending, and try not to take on any more debt than you absolutely have to.

    There's no use in telling people to save money when they don't have any, but it's important to start developing good spending habits and understanding how you deal with money..

    7. Try to be on time!


    Make a habit out of being punctual. You'll leave lasting good impressions, and you'll avoid the feelings of guilt and failure that come with being late.

    8. Don't confuse self-care with self-indulgence.

    9. There are a zillion things more important than being good-looking.

    10. When it's time to have sex, our appearance matters far less than we're led to believe.

    11. Some answers come with time, some don't come at all, and life still goes on.

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.