13 Practical AF Style Tips I Learned From My More Fashionable Friend

    A good belt makes a HUGE difference.

    We all have that one person in our life who always looks absolutely stylin', even when they're just wearing a t-shirt — and my fashion fiend of a friend is named Mah.

    Now, after a few days, I feel way more confident in the way I dress myself — and excited to share the obvious and the less-obvious tips I learned along the way, like...

    1. Putting together a good outfit is important because it helps us to express ourselves and choose how we'd like to present ourselves to the world.

    2. Shoes are what define the overall tone of the look — i.e., whether it's formal or casual.

    3. Taking a full-body picture helps you "see" your whole outfit better than if you were just looking in the mirror.

    By taking a picture, you can see yourself from an "outside" perspective and be better able to analyze your outfit. This is especially useful for when you're torn between two options — see what photographs better!

    4. A well-placed belt can make a huge difference!

    5. Accessories aren't just the "finishing details" — they can set the defining mood for your outfit!

    6. In the end, style is just a game of proportions.

    7. Fact: when you fold up the hem of your pants, you will look instantly more hip.

    8. The same goes for your sleeves — roll 'em if you need to!

    9. And don't be afraid to try out the whole monochrome thing.

    10. Mix tight and loose clothing together to create a good sense of balance.

    11. For an instant ~grown-up~ vibe, try on a mid-length skirt or pair of slacks:

    12. You don't need to buy new clothes to "have" style — just take a good, long look at what you already have.

    13. Finally, if you end up disliking your outfit after a few hours, don't stress!

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.