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13 Reasons To Put Chile On Your 2018 Travel Itinerary

Your winter getaway beckons.

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1. First of all, there's the incredible Andes mountains...

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As the world's longest continental mountain range, these babies are a mountaineer's (and adventurous Instagrammer's) dream.

2. And for one of the most epic views ever, you've got to visit the Cajón de Maipo gorge.

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Cajón del Maipo is an hour away from Chile's capital city, Santiago. If you're not so much into bouldering, diving, and horseback riding, you can also book a guided tour that includes food and wine tasting.

3. Did we mention the **cozy sigh** Colina Hot Springs?

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Nestled at the foot of the Andes, these seven naturally-occurring pools are always at a consistently toasty temp between 98°F to 145°F. Pack a picnic and your swimsuit!


4. Farther south, you can find literal glaciers and penguins at the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park.

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It's pretty much camping paradise, and with almost zero light pollution in the night sky, it's also an unforgettable place to go stargazing.

5. In the capital city, you'll definitely need to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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If you're able, try to time your visit with one of the cathedral's organ concerts — played on a giant, house-sized organ.

7. If you're looking for a hipster haunt, check out the Lastarría neighborhood, which is chock full of great bars, food and street art.

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That's also where MAVI, the museum of visual arts, is.


8. Overall, Chile is known for wine, but the food is absolutely fantastic, too.

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Especially if you love seafood and meat.

10. And if you're in want of a more southwest-y vibe, the Atacama Desert is the place to be.

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You might even encounter guanacos — your average llama's wilder relatives.

11. While you're desert-side, if you want a Dead Sea kind of experience, we recommend taking a dip in the Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache.

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The crystal clear water is so salty that you'll float easily.

12. Chile also has its own Death Valley, and the views at sunset are phenomenal.

Plus, this is where you can go sand-boarding and finally cross that off your bucket list!

13. And, finally, do whatever you need to do to see the El Tatio geyser in action.

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If you get up at sunrise, you'll see these volcanic steam machines at their best between 6 and 7 a.m.

This post was translated from Portuguese.