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20 Nintendo-Inspired Décor Items Guaranteed To 1-Up Your Life

It's dangerous to go alone! Take these.

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1. This terribly cute Boo planter

2. A lovely Triforce shower curtain

3. This classic wall art trio

4. A minimalistic coaster set (no blowing required)

5. A scented candle inspired by Princess Peach

6. This tough (but fair) mug

7. An elegant Duck Hunt poster

8. This flowery 1-Up throw pillow

9. The best cutting board ever

10. This lamp that's full of mystery

11. This perfect pair of Luigi and Daisy towels

12. These small rupee plushies you'll want to put everywhere

13. A legendary coaster set

14. Custom Animal Crossing magnets that let you immortalize your fave villagers

15. This powerful mini lamp

16. Wall art that reminds you to shine your brightest

17. This Hawaiian-style Pikmin pillow

18. This overly adorable Kirby towel

19. This Banksy/Link mashup pillow

20. And a clock to remind you that it's always time to catch 'em all

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