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    • superpredator

      Brit here. Sadly, creme eggs are only available here seasonally too, although the stocks last into the summer and you can pick them up in corner shops randomly. Om fuckin’ nom. Also, meat pies (Hollands being the brand of choice for this Northern boy) are indeed majestic. You could always move here for your love of pies. We’d love you to bits for that. Finally, the royal family are parasites and I wish we had a republic like ‘Murica; yay, checks and balances! Sorry about Piers Morgan and Russell Brand. I hope Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Downton Abbey, Dr Who and all the years of wonderful music go some way to healing your pain. Oh, and Dutch person, sorry about your front, hope your lovely city benfited from all the tourist euros. French Guy(?) hope the invasion on 6th June 1944 didn’t inconvenience you TOO much, we felt there was good reason. If you’re actually Irish or Scots, well, you may have a point. And Cromwell was a cunt, no doubt about it. Banned Christmas, dancing and drinking, ffs! Toodle-pip all!

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