18 “Supernatural” GIFs To Express Your Every Emotion

These boys have range. Check out the best reaction GIFs on the Internet, all from Supernatural, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester. Catch the demon-hunting brothers in Season 8 now available on Blu-ray™, DVD, and download.

1. Happy

Like when you get to ride up in the elevator by yourself.

2. Sad

Like when you lose all the music on your hard drive.

3. Angry

Like when the person in front of you orders the last bagel.

4. Cool

Like when you don’t know the definition of a word, but you manage to use it correctly anyway.

5. Shocked

Like when your parents kiss in public.

6. Regretful

Like when you call your ex and say you miss them.

7. Deeply regretful

Like when you realize you forgot to bring anything to do just as the plane is taking off.

8. Proud

Like when you spend months preparing a presentation and your boss says his favorite part is the font.

9. Possessed

Like when you played Candy Crush for too many hours.

10. Resigned

Like the day after finals.

11. Amused

Like when you’re in a serious argument with one friend, and another friend makes a joke about your trench coat.

12. Hot

Like an underground subway in July.

13. Passionate

Like when you see a confetti cake across the room.

14. Enlightened

Like when you remember it’s Friday.

15. Really enlightened

Like when you remember that you already paid this month’s rent when you signed the lease.

16. Disgusted

Like when you bite into a sandwich but only taste mayonnaise.

17. Naughty

Like when your dark side comes out to raise a little hell.

18. Brotherly

Like when you forgive him for eating the entire pizza before even getting it home.

The CW / Via woahlaur.tumblr.com

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