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19 Things That We All Do As A College Student

Admit it, we all do this...

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1. As freshmen, you went to lunch or dinner with 4535739794234 other freshmen

I mean, we were we had to find other freshmen who were also scared and who also just wanted to grab a meal together.

2. You had a mental breakdown with the printer / Via

Your essay is due in 2 minutes, and of course the printer HAD to be paper jammed, and you try to fix the problem but then you don't know what you are doing so you just sit there and cry until someone who knows printer can save you from the misery.

4. You feel underqualified at your college

Student: So the alkene actually would favor the 2,1-insertion over 1,2-insertion because phenylphosphabenzene ligand has low enough LUMO energy so it can readily pi-backbond to the cobalt center, reducing rotation of the ligand. And thus, the cone angle as well as steric interaction is eliminated, allowing alkene to insert to the cobalt center in a 2,1-insertion fashion.

Me: What

5. You feel overqualified at your college

Student: "Wait, so what does mitochondria do?"

Me: *facepalm*

6. You clean your room…………………………instead of studying

You are about to study for that exam, and then you just realize your room is a mess. So you just HAVE to clean your room, because obviously clean room is so much more important than passing your exam. Talk about getting that priority straight.

8. You Facebook stalk/Instagram stalk that crush of yours and cry over them / Via

Me: Why bother tell your crush about your feelings when you can stalk them on social media and just cry the night away because emotions suck.

10. You re-meet everyone.....again

Me: Wait, aren't you the girl in my mythology class last year who tripped over the bag and landed on your face?

Person: Yeah!

Person: I am sure we met before…but what's your name again?

Me: I am Lee!

Person: Oh yeah, you friend-requested me on Facebook like 37 days ago!

Me: That's me!

12. You know what it feels like to read the first question on the exam and then the remaining part of your soul dies.

Hamza Khan / Via

You are pretty sure that the question was written in English, but somehow you feel like the entire exam was written in Latin or something.

13. You calculate the lowest grade you need to get to pass the class…………………………..instead of studying / Via

And when you see that you need to get a 107% on your final exam, that’s when you know you fu*ked up.

14. You avoid that one person you randomly hooked up with

Literally, you see them everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.

16. You low-key get pissed when someone takes your “unofficial official” seat in the class


Excuse me, do you even have “morals”? You don’t take someone’s seat, I’ve been there since day 1.

19. But at the same time, deep-inside, you know you love your college and just can’t imagine being somewhere else

Basically love-and-hate relationship

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