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16 Times Emma Thompson Killed It During Awards Season

Regardless of actual awards won, Emma Thompson just won the entire season

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1. When she decided she didn't need her shoes on stage.

2. And needed assistance holding her booze

3. When she ran down the red carpet to the theatre

4. Photobombing Lupita Nyong'o on the Red Carpet

5. Drinking her drank out of a classy blue cup*

6. Being the most enthusiastic person in the crowd


*Probably thanks to the contents of that blue cup

7. Being too busy getting her drink on to applaud

8. Making this face at Ewan McGregor

9. Getting down to the awards show music

10. Then wanting to purchase it on CD

11. Wearing Louboutin SANDALS on the Red Carpet

12. Flipping the camera off at the BAFTAs

13. And once again running, making her entrance on stage

14. Fangirling over Prince William

15. Wearing this coat to the BAFTAs

16. Getting snubbed by the Oscars but figuring it'd be more fun to get drunk at home anyways

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