14 Best DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day is a few weeks away, but this will give you a jump start if you want to get crafty and make something for your loved one!

1. A Personalized Bouquet

Fill it with necessities

2. A Personalized Mug

Write all the things you love about your lover

3. 52 Reasons Why…

Write a different reason on each card

4. Personalized Wall Decor

Cover your initials with pictures of the two of you

5. Cookies

Made with love!

6. Little Reminders

To make them smile throughout the day

7. City Love

Illustrate where you met, got engaged, got married, fell in love, live, etc.

8. Love Alphabet

Name something you love about them for every letter

9. Breakfast

Valentines themed

10. I Love You Because: Board

You can change up the reason whenever you want

11. XO Candles

Set the mood

12. Valentines Day Garland

Make the day festive

13. Chocolate Dipped ANYTHING

Nom Nom

14. Punny Cards

For the light-hearted couple

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