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TMS Therapy Vs Deep Brain Stimulation Vs PEMF

TMS Therapy, Deep Brain Stimulation & PEMF are the three most advanced and well-adopted types of therapeutic brain stimulation technologies. These technologies have evolved with loads of experimentation and scientific research. All of them are proven to benefit debilitated neurological conditions or brain disorders. Here we can quickly about learn more these technologies and compare their effectiveness and ease of use.

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Brain stimulation therapies such as TMS, Deep Brain Stimulation or PEMF therapy can play a role in treating certain mental disorders. Brain stimulation therapies involve activating or inhibiting the brain directly with microcurrents or magnetic fields. The electric or magnetic stimulation can be given directly by electrodes implanted in the brain (DBS), or noninvasively through electrodes placed on the scalp (TMS) or even remotely with electromagnetic coils placed at a distance from the body (PEMF).

TMS Therapy

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TMS therapy works great for mental health and is the most commonly brain stimulation therapy seen in clinics worldwide.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy focuses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate small regions of the brain. TMS therapy devices employ magnetic field generators attached to the head. Modern TMS therapy devices look like a helmet or like a chair at the dentists' but with head gear. It that has to be used in a clinical setting to receive treatment.

TMS therapy sessions cost anywhere between a hundred to even thousands of dollars depending on the TMS clinic. The cost of TMS therapy depends on the cost of the professional, doctor or clinic administering it and also on the cost and type of TMS therapy device they use.

Deep Brain Stimulation

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Deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment requires a brain surgery that involves implanting of electrodes or probes in the brain. These DBS electrodes emit small electric pulses or microcurrents to target specific regions in the brain.

Depending on the region of the brain targeted, Deep Brain Stimulation treatment can resolve psychiatric disorders and also Movement Disorders, especially with ease for those suffering with Parkinson's Disease.

Dr. Andres Lozano from University of Toronto says, “About 90,000 people now worldwide have received deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease."

A very expensive therapy, and is usually recommended only as last line of treatment for most patients. We feel magnetic stimulation should be the first line of treatment, as it is side-effect free compared to medical treatments. Deep Brain Stimulation surgery can cost anywhere between twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand dollars. Very expensive indeed!


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PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a non-invasive magnetic stimulation technology that has been under research and development since more than 3 decades.

PEMF has an advantage over other brain stimulation therapies, as it has a beneficial effect on not just the brain, but can be used for cellular regeneration effects on any part of the body.

PEMF is easiest to use, as compared with TMS therapy or DBS. You can simply rest while using PEMF therapy devices with no attachments to the body, either external or internal.

Due to their ease of use, PEMF devices have evolved the most. We now see high-powered clinical PEMF systems that are designed for rapid healing and instant relief and so also low-powered, safer, home-use PEMF devices that promise long-term benefit and longevity effects.

Choosing between TMS, DBS or PEMF?

With the wide-range of brain stimulation options out there now, it can be difficult to choose or know in advance what will work best for you. Hopefully this article helped you understand the main differences between them.

PEMF is a clear winner here if you compare with TMS and DBS due it's ease of use, cost and effectiveness.

We recommend using PubMed to learn about benefits or effects of TMS, DBS and PEMF for individual conditions. EarthPulse maintains a PEMF & rTMS research bibliography as well.

How to get started with PEMF Therapy?

You're lucky if you have access to a doctor in your area who has any experience or even knowledge of PEMF. The science behind this healing modality is also different, it works on principles of electromagnetism and studying the electromagnetic behavior of cells. Needless to say, there is nothing stopping that from happening, specially now in the digital age, where up-skilling is the new mantra.

You have the opportunity now, to be able to consult doctors such as Dr. Sircus online who specialize in PEMF. These consultations will cost nothing or at the very most, less than a session at a local clinic and can help you understand what to expect for your condition when it comes to PEMF therapy and how it can be used effectively to get required results.

Consumer PEMF therapy devices

There are many PEMF therapy systems out there that are effective for different requirements, there is no one PEMF device that works for everyone, simply because individuals have varied use cases such as for sleep, performance enhancement, mental health, senior health and so on. Also each brand has it's unique patent and studies that their devices are based on.

Here we share two of the most successful PEMF brands available today which have substantial reputation and positive feedback from users.


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EarthPulse offers a 90-day trial of their systems and have been around since more than a decade.

The best feature of the EarthPulse is that it can be used from under your mattress and require no time at all to use it, as it's used during sleep-time. Active users report have reported upto 40% improvement in stamina apart from other TMS type effects such as improvement in motor movement for those with Parkinson's disease.

Their PEMF systems come with free tech support, where they assist in understanding the user manuals and help find the PEMF frequencies or programs that work best as per your requirement. Their success rate is advertised at 96%.


FlexPulse / Via

The FlexPulse has been quite a promising development for the PEMF scene, as its a wearable PEMF system which is capable of emitting high-intensity PEMFs.

The great thing about FlexPulse is that it has been developed with the help of Dr. Pawluk, a well known and respected MD who has experience with almost every effective PEMF system out there, including some clinical systems.

Like the EarthPulse, the FlexPulse PEMF device can also be used remotely, by placing the coil under the pillow while using sleep or relaxation program.

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