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Forget Camping For A Week, Here's A Way To Reset Your Sleep Metronome

Researchers suggest a week of camping to reset biological body clock & sync hormonal functions. PEMF Therapy resets your Sleep Metronome using Magnetic Fields that mimic Schumann Resonance. Bio-hack your Sleep & Ageing reset your Sleep Metronome with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.

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Why we don't sleep well

Many studies confirm something we've all felt ourselves, sleep is better in nature. Closer to the ground, the body is in direct, uninterrupted contact with the Earth's magnetic field, and it syncs its bio-rhythm to the planet's.

In 1952, a German physicist named W.O. Schumann that there is a resonant magnetic field between the planet’s surface and the Ionosphere. This planetary magnetic resonance, known as Schumann Resonance, is in the spectrum between 1 Hz to more than 100 Hz.

The reason we don't sleep well is obvious. Sleep quality and health is negatively affected due to radio frequencies being broadcast at a large scale into our ionosphere. These findings by EarthPulse about EMF Pollution suggest rate of emissions standing at billions of Watts per hour, 24 by 7!

We know that mitochondria (power houses of the cells) are not able to perform at optimum levels due to this magnetic interference. Studies show, exposure to nutritious magnetic field that are close to the frequency of the Brainwaves for deep-sleep state, lead to enhanced cellular functioning, resulting in longevity and cellular detox.

So using pulsating magnetic fields for Brainwave Entrainment results in both - sleep quality that you haven't experienced in decades as well as performance enhancement.

Fast-forward to 2017, BioHack your Sleep & Ageing!

Bio-Hacking stores are full of "products" these days. These include light, sound, electric and magnetic field therapy systems when it comes to frequency-based healing and performance enhancement technologies. Most of the other technologies besides PEMF have no cellular benefit and provide short-term results. PEMF is what athletes and elite fitness warriors use. Easily add seasons to your play or career.

Today, every individual has the opportunity to Bio-hack Sleep & Ageing. PEMF device users report upto 20% improvement in stamina with-in 30 days of using the system.

20 Seconds is all you need?!

Well not really, we don't pump it that hard so quick. But we simply switch it on and go to bed. With this PEMF system, it takes 10 seconds to choose the favorite program. Programs are designed to help the user -

* fall asleep

* remain asleep longer,

* get more hours of deep-sleep,

* recover faster (from workouts, injuries, post-op)

* gain strength & stamina

* achieve higher mental clarity

* improved motor-hand-eye co-ordination

After the timer (usually 6-10 hours), the frequency field shifts to alert mode, helping the user awaken too.

It takes no effort whatsoever, to use. The electromagnets remain under your mattress, and your control unit rests bed-side. It's called Sleep on Command really.

EarthPulse / Via earthpulse.net

It's important to note that bio-hacking systems that emit electromagnetic fields above 15Hz can cause harm and it's sad to see so many around! The EarthPulse is the only system that can be used all-night and works below 14.1 Hz, and at an amplitude that can be controlled and kept at a very low level (although the system can be quite powerful at full amplitude which is great for power naps or performance boosts).

As the EarthPulse is around since 2002 and has been constantly innovating their product's effectiveness through their Feedback Program (which by now must have 1000s of submissions), it's the only one that's evolved to such an extent where anti-ageing effects are now possible.

"When the Solution is Simple, God is Answering.." - Albert Einstein

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