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    Justin Bieber Attacks Paparazzi Like He Was On Bath Salts

    Justin Bieber Worst Week Ever Ends with a Zombie Attack

    On Tuesday night, Bieber angered fans when he reportedly arrived two hours late to his own concert. The normally adored pop star was met with boos when he finally arrived to play the show. On Thursday, Bieber was taken to the hospital after struggling during his performance (shown below). As only he would, Bieber took to his Instagram to post a shirtless picture of himself in a hospital bed.On Friday morning, things heated up when Bieber got into a scuffle with paparazzi. Video (shown above) shows Bieber being restrained by his team as he yells at a photographer, "I'll f--king beat the f--k out of you."Bieber performed his final show at London's O2 Arena on Friday night, perhaps ending his headline-filled London run. He took to his Twitter account after the show to explain that he was "still a little short of [breath]" and to talk around his dramatic week, calling the antics "some crazy stuff."

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