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Hey Swiffle Ad! Meet Your Grandmother...

Did you love the Swiffle rejected Super Bowl commercial? Did you know it has a long-lost grandmother?

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In 1980, this dandy little jingle impressed into the minds of our future husbands that we were not only capable of doing everything for everybody with a pulse, but we enjoyed it so much we danced around in circles flailing our arms happily while doing it. And, of course, we would "never let him forget he's a man" which meant after doing the jobs of 10 people in one day, we still had enough energy to be a sexy bedroom kitten.

I would like to suggest a rewrite that reflects the needs and feelings of women in 2014:

Since I bring home the bacon,

You can fry it up in the pan.

I work 7 till f***king 9,

At least you can bring in the trash can.

And here's some lotion and Kleenex,

Go make yourself feel like a man.

Because I'm TIRED!


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