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13 Reasons Rebel Wilson Would Be The Greatest Wingwoman

Not that you didn't know that already... But in case you need a reminder, Rebel is back in ABC's Super Fun Night to remind you why you should never go out without her by your side. Season premiere tonight at 9:30|8:30c on ABC.

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1. Firstly, there is no one more fierce than Rebel.

MTV / MTV Movie Awards / Via

2. Look at this wardrobe! She's literally got the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Getty: Kevin Winter

Getty: Kevin Winter

Getty: Jason Merritt

Getty: Jason Merritt

Getty: Kevork Djansezian

Getty: Kevork Djansezian

3. If you're lucky, maybe she'll let you wear some of her swag when you go out.

Bullet Media / Via

4. With Rebel, it's first class all the way.

5. She can get you into any club she wants.

ABC / Super Fun Night / Via

Whether the bouncer likes it or not.

6. And once you're in, she can teach you one of her famous dance moves.

What to Expect When You're Expecting / Lionsgate / Via

7. If you're looking to find your future hubby/wifey, she can teach you the art of subtle flirtation.

Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures / Via

Rebel is your sensei, young grasshopper.

8. Or maybe you can borrow from her arsenal of foolproof pickup lines.

MTV / MTV Video Music Awards / Via
MTV / MTV Video Music Awards / Via

9. She's got the male species wrapped around her finger.

The Ellen Degeneres Show / NBC / Via

10. You want to see them krump in their skivvies? Rebel's got you.

11. She might even share a few of her private-time tricks with you.

Pain & Gain / Paramount Pictures / Via

12. But in case you're just trying to have a ladies' night, Rebel will help you ward off the creeps.

Pitch Perfect / Universal Pictures / Via

13. And if they don't take the hint, there's a good chance she's packing heat.

Bachelorette / The Weinstein Company / Via

No matter what happens, with Rebel as your wingwoman it's sure to be a Super Fun Night!

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