18 Reasons Getting Ready Is More Fun Than Going Out

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The best part of a night out starts while you’re still in your pajamas and ends right as you walk out the door.

1. After a night of getting ready, this is what you feel like leaving your place.

2. And this is what you feel (and maybe look) like after a night out at the club.

3. When you’re pre-gaming, drinks are practically free and you’re all like…

ABC / Super Fun Night / Via youtube.com

4. So it’s no wonder that when you see the prices at the bar you’re all like…

ABC / Lost / Via smileheartlove.tumblr.com

5. Also, when you’re making your own drink, it’s easier to tell what your limit is.

Or not…

6. But for some reason, the second you enter a bar you often check your limit along with your coat.

ABC / Happy Endings / Via iwasyourteacher.tumblr.com

7. When you’re getting ready you get to play DJ.

And your friends can request songs and not have to wait 45 minutes before they hear them.

8. When you’re at the club you’re at the DJ’s mercy.

9. You also get to pick how loud or how soft you want your music.

10. When you’re out, the sound is pretty much set to sonic boom at all times.

11. If you’re getting ready and you need a second to rest, you can do this.

12. If you’re at a bar and you need a second to rest, strangers will probably take advantage of the situation.

Omri Rolan / Via facebook.com

13. When it’s just you and your friends, you all turn into Beyoncé because you’re comfortable around each other.

ABC / Super Fun Night / Via youtube.com

14. But when you’re in public, reality hits and you realize that you only have this one dance move.

Hey, at least you’re nailing this one.

15. Plus, where else besides your bathroom mirror do you transform into a pop star?

Brittany Furlan· / Via youtube.com

Just remember to sing into your hairbrush and not your curling iron.

16. When you’re getting ready you can can keep close tabs on your friends.

Ariana Basseri / Via facebook.com

You can quite literally hold on to them.

17. But if you get separated for more than a second at a club…

18. And if you’re having too much fun getting ready to actually go out…

You’re already well on your way to the best part of your night.

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