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3 Things You Need To Know Before Trying To Loose Weight

Trying to loose weight can be a daunting task. There are any number of reasons why you should burn the fat away and slim down, but it is also important to know why you have gained the weight in the first place. Loosing weight can be frustrating when you try and try to drop pounds but keep bouncing up and down like a yo-yo every time you look at the scale. This is what happens when you diet to loose weight. So, it is important talk about some of the reasons people fail when trying to loose weight. Lets get started with why you should do it.

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Why People Need to Loose Weight


Being overweight can lead to many health issues. These issues can range from diabetes, to heart disease, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, liver disease, gallbladder disease, and other health risks. If you are severely overweight, then you should talk to a doctor about your health options. However, ultimately it is a wise choice to loose that weight so you can avoid expensive hospital visits and medications, be there for your family later in life, and live a better more enjoyable life overall.

Needing to loose fat can cause some self-consciousness issues as well, particularly if you are severely overweight. People tend to look at you differently, finding clothing that fits nice is difficult, and simply being comfortable in a chair can be difficult. But, being obese is not a prerequisite for being self-conscious about your weight. Sometimes just a few pounds can do that. Those few pounds may make you uncomfortable taking your shirt off or strutting around in your swimsuit at the beach.

The goal here is to help you with trying to loose weight so you can be comfortable with yourself.

Why People Gain Weight

There are a few basic reasons why people gain too much weight. One reason has to do with health issues such as glandular problems. However this is more rare than some people would like you to believe. Go to a doctor and talk to them about your weight gain, unless they state directly to you that you have a glandular, hormone or another health problem, well then it is likely that is another common cause for weight gain.

The most common reason for weight gain is over eating. However, there are many many reasons why people tend to over eat. Here are just a few:

* Emotional reaction

* Boredom

* Habit

* Eating out at restaurants *

Most of the above reasons are really a bit more based in the psychological aspect of your life.

Emotional eating is very common. People eat when they are sad, when they are happy, or angry. At its core emotional eating is really transferring the emotional state (such as sadness) to a physical state (eating).

Boredom can cause you to eat more too. If you are just sitting around the house, perhaps watching TV, have you ever noticed that you can sit down with a bag of chips and before you know it they are gone? Or maybe that you keep getting up and going to the kitchen and staring into the pantry or refrigerator even though you are not truly hungry? Yeah, that is a response to boredom.

Habit is an interesting reason that promotes over eating. I was taught that you had to eat everything on your plate when you sat down for dinner. “There are kids starving in Africa, so eat your dinner!” was the mantra I heard over and over as a kid. That becomes part of us over time. And actually ties into the fourth reason given above- eating at restaurants.

Over the past few decades, serving sizes in restaurants have grown to the point of being ridiculous. It stems from the idea of, well if it isn’t quality food, then at least its quantity. But this is an entirely different topic and to stay on point I will stay off my sop box. The effect is what is important here. Because we are trained to eat everything on our plate, and the serving sizes have grown to nearly three times the suggested serving size in some places, then we tend to eat it all and thus consume way too many calories. This can make trying to loose weight very difficult if you eat out a lot.

Another difficulty with eating out, is the type of ingredients used in restaurant food. Many times it is saturated in fats and salt, and other not so calorie light ingredients. So a simple meal containing 500 calories (which you could make at home with those healthy recipes here), might contain in excess of 1500 calories! That is the required entire daily intake of calories for some people. And that doesn’t even necessarily take into account the increase of serving size…

All of the reasons mentioned above need to be dealt with from a perspective of being mindful. If you have emotional eating issues, it might be good to see a doctor and talk about those issues. However, working on self control and determination and self awareness can help with all of the reasons why people gain weight. I will be posting information, motivation, and other articles based on these topics in addition to healthy recipes for weight loss and meal plans.

One reason for gaining weight I didn’t mention above is Lack of Exercise. I left it on its own because the other reasons were more based in how we think and exercise is mainly a physical thing. I talk more in-depth about the relation of exercise, weight loss, and healthy living on another page on this site.

Why People Fail at Trying to Loose Weight

There are many reasons why people fail at loosing weight. Ultimately, fad diets are temporary, and often frustrating attempts at loosing weight. Let’s face it, most diet foods are viewed as either tasting bad or having no taste at all. Just think of rice cakes for goodness sakes! I can’t imagine eating those day in and day out. I might as well be eating a styrofoam coffee cup! I hate them. In fact, I am actually quite a food snob to tell you the truth. I like to eat good tasting food. If I go out, I get upset when I could have cooked a better meal. So, this is one the the main reasons why I started this site.

If I like good tasting food, but want it to be healthy, then there must be others out there like me. So, the healthy recipes and meal plans provided on this site are to help you in trying to loose weight- just like they help me.

Diets are tough. The tend to make us uncomfortable and can actually cause stress from trying to force us to do something we are not use to. So, I am not suggesting a diet per se. I like to think about the way I eat as a lifestyle thing not a diet thing. A diet to me is something along the lines of not eating carbohydrates for 90 days, or eating only salad with no dressing on top for the next month. These are temporary tasks, and they can be painfully difficult to stick with and in fact trying to loose weight by dieting can be unhealthy for you. No, instead make whole scale changes to your life- slowly so they don’t become overwhelming, but efficiently so you can achieve your goals.

Will power and motivation go hand in hand. Why have you decided to loose weight? Is it for a health reason? For fitting into that new dress? Looking good with your shirt off on the beach? Find your motivation and keep reminding yourself about it. Motivation needs support. Talk about it with friends and family become accountable for your actions. This in turn fortifies your will power. To help you with this, I will be posting motivational topics here.

And remember failure is temporary too. If you don’t achieve your goal in the time desired, or if you stray from the changes you are attempting to make, don’t crucify yourself for it. Just acknowledge that fact and get back up on that horse. Adjust your course and return to the path you have set before you. We all have moments of gluttonous relapse, but the more you stress about it the worse you feel. Just say something like this to yourself “Well, I made it 30 days and had a little slip up. Now that’s past me and I can shoot for another 30 days of loosing weight the healthy way.”

Trying to loose weight in a healthy way can help you to keep the pounds off. You must not think about it as a temporary diet, but a modification in lifestyle. Live healthy, and eat healthy. One of the key components to this site are the healthy recipes for loosing weight. Use them to make weekly meal plans, or follow the meal plans I provide. By planning on what you eat and when, as well as adding moderate exercise to your daily life, you will have a great recipe for helping you to try to loose weight.

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