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10 People Told Us The Worst Things They've Used To Get Stuff Out Of Their Teeth

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"I have pulled a stray string out of my shirt to use as floss."

—Kemi A.


"I've used my fingernail, but I bite the fingernail off then use the nail sliver as a toothpick. I've also used a piece of bone from the chicken wing I just ate, a plastic straw, candy, a piece of the popcorn bag that I rip off in the movie theater... Pretty much anything I find on the floor."

—Justin T.


"My cousin pulled a thread out of his sock and used it to floss. This was probably 20+ years ago, and I think of it often."

—Alison P.


"Don't judge me: 1. Plastic straws. 2. Sewing thread (that's the only one that works). 3. A fork. 4. A spork. 5. A business card (too thick). 6. A paperclip. 7. A sewing needle! 8. A safety pin."

—Caitlin C.


"I would use the corner of folders in grade school. Also, laminated menus at restaurants are great for stuck meats."

—Clark M.


"I think the worst was when I used my Metrocard."

—Andrew C.


"I have used a folded-up paper towel. Also, the power of my mind."

—Johanna S.


"I tried to use a pen once, and I ended up writing on my cheek."

—Henry T.


"A piece of notebook paper will work in a pinch!"

—Sara M.


"I've definitely used my hair on more than one occasion."

—Helen Z.

All illustrations by Dan Blauschild / © BuzzFeed

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