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7 People Tell Us Their Real Solutions For Common Embarrassing Moments

Ever experienced the embarrassment of flashing your pearly whites only to be told you have a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth? Pick up some GUM® SOFT-PICKS® and suffer no more!

1. When you trip in front of someone you want to impress.

"Own the embarrassment. Then smile and say, 'Your turn.'"

—Clark M.

2. When a piece of food flies out of your mouth mid-conversation.

"I would tell someone they didn't see what just happened or just pretend it never happened. Or commit harder and do something more embarrassing as a joke."

—Casey C.

3. Got a tendency to hit Reply All by mistake?

"Many email platforms have an undo button, and it has saved my life on numerous occasions."

—Drew B.

4. When someone tells you that you have food stuck in your teeth.

"Just be like, 'Oh yes, I put that in there to see if you were paying attention. You passed the test!'"

—Charlotte J.

5. When you wave back at someone who was not waving at you.

"Any unfortunate wave can turn into a hair flip with a practiced hand and a little imagination."

—Carrie Q.

6. When you forget someone's name.

"Just ask them. Try something like 'I'm terrible with names... Remind me what yours is again?' They won't be offended!"

—Bailey R.

7. When all else fails.

"I say just own it. Everyone does something embarrassing now and again."

—Melissa H.

Avoid the embarrassment. Get yourself some GUM® SOFT-PICKS® today.

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