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Why You Should Be Proud To Be Fangirl's Crush

For sure,fangirls commited their loves life to their celebrity crush. That's why most of them are single. But that ain't prevent them from having a crush to co-worker,classmate or neighbours! So check this out to know how great you're to be their crush!

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1. Totally Good Looking

You might not be as good looking as celebrity but to be a fangirl's crush you surely a nice catch in the sea! Fangirl's known to have a high standard in men.

2. Great Personality


Fangirl found someone's good side through personality and traits beside appearance. You may be a good samaritan and she witnessed it. A good son,brother or friends. Even though all people denied it,she knows.

3. Wacky In Attractive Way


Boys can't run away from having a weird crazy side. Boys tend to hide it and act all cool and mighty in front of girls. But through fangirl's perspective,this side is fucking attractive. You no need to worry about taking care of your image and can let it all out.


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