You Need To Know About Disney's Resort In Hawaii

    Disney? In Hawaii? Yes, please.

    Wait... seriously? A Disney resort in Hawaii?!

    1. This is the view from the hotel rooms. Not too shabby, not shabby AT ALL.

    2. This is the lobby, which has Hidden Mickeys on the wallpaper, the carpets, and in the art.

    3. Mickey shows up in a lot of random places at the resort — including the towels and quilts.

    4. Goofy throws the Shake-A-Shaka Pool Party featuring dancing, games and other Disney characters.

    5. Goofy and the other characters — including Mickey — will even get into the water with you!

    6. Once you're done at the pool party you'll need to check out the lazy river.

    7. You can also go snorkeling with the fish — and floating Mickeys — in the Rainbow Reef.

    8. At the Starlit Hui, the resort's nighttime show, your kids can learn a very important skill – the Hula!

    9. The show also features performances by some of your favorite Disney characters, including Hawaii's own Stitch.

    10. Speaking of Stitch, he often makes the rounds playing host to the tourists.

    11. There's even a statue of Stitch.

    12. You can join Mickey, Minnie and pals for a character breakfast.

    13. Breakfast at Aulani is pretty legit, btw.

    14. They also offer up Dole Whips. A perfect Hawaiian/Disney snack.

    15. There are Mickey-themed desserts, too.

    16. Even the water is infused with Disney magic.

    17. Of course Star Wars makes a cameo at Aulani.

    18. There is a totally awesome scavenger hunt around the resort — some Imagineering incredible-ness right there.

    19. Want some adult time? Drop your kids off at Auntie's Beach House — a complimentary childcare center.

    20. They have pretty much EVERY SINGLE PRINCESS COSTUME at Auntie's.

    21. Aulani also has pretty much every Disney movie which you can check out and watch from the comfort of your bed.

    22. Of course there is plenty of Hawaiian themed Mickey merch to buy.

    23. There's even an Aulani set of Mickey ears!

    Looks pretty amazing, Mickey.

    You're never going back to Disneyland, are you?