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    21 Things You've Never Noticed At Disneyland

    How many have you noticed?

    1. There's a tiny leprechaun house in Adventureland.

    Sunny Chanel

    In the midst of Adventureland, there is a wee little home belonging to a leprechaun by the name of Patrick Begorra. His tale of coming to live in the Magic Kingdom was celebrated in the 1955 Golden Book "The Little Man of Disneyland."

    2. Popcorn people live there.

    Anna Fox / Via Flickr: harshlight

    If you look closely at who's making the popcorn, you'll notice tiny Popcorn People like the Rocketeer above.

    3. The number 77 is ALL over Space Mountain.

    Daniel / Via Flickr: number657

    You might notice the number 77 in various places in line on Space Mountain. The number is there for a good reason — the attraction opened in 1977.

    4. Snow White Is dwarf-sized.

    Lionel & Heidi / Via Flickr: statelyenglishmanor

    If you look closely at the Snow White statue in the Snow White Grotto (to the right of Sleeping Beauty Castle), you will notice it's about the same size as the usually much shorter dwarves. The set of statues were apparently donated to the park and Disney wanted to make them work. So they set the Snow White apart from the others with the optical trick of forced perspective to make the sizing work.

    5. There are edible plants in Tomorrowland.

    Sunny Chanel

    According to Disneyland, “the visionary landscaping doubles as a potential farm, projecting an ecologically astute future where humanity makes the most of its resources.” You'll find lettuce, cabbage, rosemary, strawberries, chives, parsley, cilantro, apples, and more planted throughout the land.

    6. There's a Yeti footprint!

    Sunny Chanel

    Need proof that Yetis are real? The footprint on display outside of the Mattherhorn may be all the proof you need.

    7. There's a new main entrance door to Club 33.

    Sunny Chanel

    Club 33, the members only bar and restaurant in New Orleans Square, recently went through a major remodel. While the old iconic door still stands, this is now the main entrance.

    8. There's a private club in California Adventure too — The Club 1901.

    Sunny Chanel

    It's located just to the right of the entrance to the Carthay Circle restaurant and lounge.

    9. Feral cats call Disneyland home.

    Sunny Chanel

    If you're lucky, you may just spot one of the feral cats that live in Disneyland. The park not only feeds the cats but cares for their medical issues as well. Why do they let these wild felines live there? As one cast member stated, "They help keep the Mickey and Minnie population down."

    10. A piece of Disneyland is millions of years old.

    Sunny Chanel

    Near the Rivers of America resides an object that is estimated to be about 55 to 70 million years old – a petrified tree. When Walt Disney bought the tree from a petrified forest area in Colorado, his wife wasn't so keen on having it at the homestead, so she donated it to Disneyland.

    11. There's a Voodoo Queen/King who lives in New Orleans Square.

    Sunny Chanel

    If you happen to run to the bathroom at the end New Orleans Square, listen for chanting and look up to see the home of a voodoo priest/priestess...if you dare!

    12. You can see the model of an attraction that never was.

    Sunny Chanel

    In the window of Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure is a tribute to Big Rock Candy Mountain, a ride that never was. The plan was for the candy encrusted attraction to be part of Fantasyland, but while concept art was conceived and models were made, the sweet ride never came to fruition.

    13. Jingles, the official lead horse on the King Arthur Carousel is a tribute to Mary Poppins' star Julie Andrews.

    Anna Fox/Flickr / Via Flickr: harshlight

    The horse was gloriously refurnished on the film's 50th anniversary in 2014.

    14. There's an optical illusion on main street.

    Sunny Chanel

    Most walk past the optical illusion outside of Houdini's Magic Shop, but it's worth stopping to see the skin on the back of your hand move on its own accord.

    15. The Country Bears can be spotted on The Winnie the Pooh Ride.

    Loren Javier / Via Flickr: lorenjavier

    The Country Bear Jamboree was once where The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh now resides. In tribute to the earlier ride, the heads of Max, Buff and Melvin were left on the wall in the room right after the Heffalumps and Woozles scene.

    16. If you take a close look at the apartment building located at 2632 Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, you will see this special mailbox.

    Shoshana Lewin

    It may look simple, but the "residents" of the apartment include:

    — E. Valiant (the private investigator in Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

    —T. Ogelvie (the character played by Don Knotts in the Apple Dumpling Gang)

    — P. Peabody ( A. “Peevy” Peabody from The Rocketeer)

    — S. Yoshiwara (a tribute to Staci Rei Yoshiwara, a huge Disney fan and former cast member who passed away before Buena Vista Street was finished).

    17. The brick testing spot tells the story of Disneyland's birth.

    Sunny Chanel

    On Center Street, right off of Main Street (by the lockers) there is a simple brick wall with a water fountain. If you look closely, you'll notice that there are different types of masonry techniques featured there. According to lore, this was a spot where they were trying out different styles before the park opened and since they were in a hurry to finish the park, they never took down or covered up the test wall.

    18. There's a ranch brand on Walt's tie.

    Sunny Chanel

    Many mistake the symbol on Walt Disney's tie on the Partners statue (in the hub of the park) as being a Japanese word, but it's not — it's a brand saying STR that stands for Smoke Tree Ranch, Disney's getaway in Palm Springs.

    19. There's a cigar store Indian from when there was a smoke shop.

    Sunny Chanel

    A smoke shop at Disneyland? Yup — there once was one that sold "tobacco and smoking accessories from around the world” where New Sounds for a New Century now stands on Main Street. The store closed in 1991 but the iconic cigar store Indian still remains.

    20. The windows on Main Street are tributes.

    Sunny Chanel

    You might notice many names on the windows of Main Street. These play tribute to Disney legends like animators/imagineers Roland Crump and X Atencio, and the film composing Sherman brothers.

    21. There's an amazing suite smack dab in the middle of the park.

    Sunny Chanel

    If you are lucky, and I mean REALLY lucky, you could call the Dream Suite home for the night. This palatial apartment is right above the Pirates of Caribbean in Adventureland and features special effects in the rooms, a sprawling balcony overlooking the park and the chance to walk around in your bathrobe after hours.

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