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    21 Things You've Never Noticed At Disneyland

    How many have you noticed?

    1. There's a tiny leprechaun house in Adventureland.

    2. Popcorn people live there.

    3. The number 77 is ALL over Space Mountain.

    4. Snow White Is dwarf-sized.

    5. There are edible plants in Tomorrowland.

    6. There's a Yeti footprint!

    7. There's a new main entrance door to Club 33.

    8. There's a private club in California Adventure too — The Club 1901.

    9. Feral cats call Disneyland home.

    10. A piece of Disneyland is millions of years old.

    11. There's a Voodoo Queen/King who lives in New Orleans Square.

    12. You can see the model of an attraction that never was.

    13. Jingles, the official lead horse on the King Arthur Carousel is a tribute to Mary Poppins' star Julie Andrews.

    14. There's an optical illusion on main street.

    15. The Country Bears can be spotted on The Winnie the Pooh Ride.

    16. If you take a close look at the apartment building located at 2632 Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, you will see this special mailbox.

    17. The brick testing spot tells the story of Disneyland's birth.

    18. There's a ranch brand on Walt's tie.

    19. There's a cigar store Indian from when there was a smoke shop.

    20. The windows on Main Street are tributes.

    21. There's an amazing suite smack dab in the middle of the park.