20 Super Sexy Maternity Options For The Knocked Up

    Show off those new curves and celebrate that baby bump with some super hot maternity lingerie.

    1. This sexy pantie set in a totally red-hot hue.

    2. This sweet and lacy bra that is totally worthy of a date night.

    3. This sexy set straight out of a 1980s Mötley Crüe video.

    4. This set that's perfect for getting tied up (or more specifically untied) in a private party.

    5. This pretty in pink set that still packs plenty of the sexy factor.

    6. If lace and leather isn't your idea of sexy, you can be subtle and sophisticated in pretty polka dots.

    7. This bra that is comfy and coy — oh, and don't forget sexy.

    8. This sheer and nude-hued bra that combines support and sex appeal.

    9. This classic set that you would totally buy under any circumstances (knocked up or not).

    10. This sheer babydoll which has a retro-sexy vibe not unlike a 1967 Playboy bunny.

    11. This subtle yet sexy nightie.

    12. This foxy number from Heidi Klum's maternity line, and she knows about sexy (and being pregnant — she's had four kids).

    13. This stretchy and sexy number.

    14. This high waisted illusion lace set that gives mystery to the mom-to-be. Oh so French, amiright?

    15. This organic pantie set for moms-to-be who are sexy and ecological.

    16. This ridiculously hot nursing bra, which is even hotter when paired with a shrug and top hat.

    17. This ultra feminine choice in all of its pink polka dot glory.

    18. This chemise that is swanky and ready for sexy time.

    19. These super sexy stockings for when you're knocked up and want to show some leg.

    20. This colorful set that packs a statement — a statement of HOT!