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    19 Ways To Throw Your Kid The Ultimate Birthday At Disneyland

    Have a happy birthday at "The Happiest Place on Earth."

    1. Give the gift of surprise.

    2. Order customized birthday shirts for the whole family to wear on the big day.

    3. Stop first at City Hall to get the oh-so-important Happy Birthday button.

    4. Make sure your kid wears the birthday button proudly all day.

    5. Snatch up a pair of "Happy Birthday" ears.

    6. Treat your kid to the “Minnie & Friends — Breakfast in the Park” at the Plaza Inn.

    7. Make reservations somewhere special — like the Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle in California Adventure — for lunch or dinner.

    8. When dining at one of the Disneyland Resort table service restaurants, let your server know that it's your kid's birthday.

    9. Have a personalized, full-size cake — or a more petite Mini Cake Surprise — delivered to your restaurant!

    10. Bring a birthday card for Mickey and the gang to sign.

    11. Have a band sing "Happy Birthday" to your kiddo.

    12. Get a wish from a fairy godmother in training.

    13. Reserve a VIP tour.

    14. Go on one of the park's birthday-themed rides, like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

    15. The Haunted Mansion has a birthday-themed scene, too.

    16. You'll also want to check out the "Merry Unbirthday" on the Alice in Wonderland ride.

    17. If you stay at one of the Disneyland Resorts hotels you can surprise your birthday kid with a Happy Birthday basket.

    18. Here's one more cool idea if you're staying at a Disneyland Reports hotel — order the Ultimate Birthday Celebration!

    19. Take advantage of the PhotoPass to create a birthday book.