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17 Kids Share Their Favorite Possessions

Everyone remembers their favorite childhood toy.

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1. Isaac - Age 4

Justin Connors / Via

His favorite thing: His Dora doll.

Why do you like it so much? Because H (his big sister) gave her to me!

Where did you get it? I dunno… The Dora shop?

How much did it cost? 20 million dollars I think.

2. Winter - Age 6

Pilar Clark / Via

Her favorite thing: Shopkins

Why do you like them? Because they are so cute and small and have my favorite colors and they have tiny, tiny, tiny faces. And I love, love, love them!

Where did you get them? At ToysRUs. My mommy and daddy give me one every Friday because I earn them.

How much did they cost: I don't know because I can't count money yet. Maybe $100.

3. Tyler - Age 12

Melanie Sheridan

His favorite thing: A hockey stick specifically designed for Detroit Red Wings player #55 Niklas Kronwall.

Why is it special? Tyler plays hockey too and is a huge Red Wings fan! Niklas is one of his favorite players.

Where did he get it? The stick was given to him by Niklas' nephew, Felix Kronwall. Felix lived with us for about six months so he could play hockey locally. Felix scored a goal with this stick and it's his signature you see on the blade.

What did it cost? Tyler says it's priceless.


4. William - Age 8

Pilar Clark / Via

His favorite thing: KRE-O Transformers Grimstone

Why do you like it? It's my very first KRE-O Transformers pack and it's four robots that you can combine into one bot. It's really cool and I play with it all the time.

Where did you get it? My mom and dad got it for me at ToysRUs because I had a really good report card.

How much did it cost? I remember what the price was and it's $11.00.

5. Kaia - Age 8

Kaia's Mom

Her favorite thing: Her dogs.

Why do you love them? They make me feel better when I am sad. They cuddle up on me. They lick me sometimes, which is how they kiss. They are so much more than possessions though, they're family.

Where did you get them? I got one from Santa and one from my parents. Both were Christmas presents. Jasper's from the North Pole and Louis is from Florida. But we tell them they're brothers. Shh.

How much did they cost?: Santa doesn't pay for things, so Jasper was free. He was probably raised by elves and reindeer. Louis was probably $875, but he's totally worth it.

6. Dylan - Age 5

Carol Jones / Via

His favorite thing: A LEGO Mixel.

Why he likes it? He likes it because "he made it himself" (he followed the directions and everything).

Why did he get it? For being a good boy.

How much did it cost? He thinks it cost $1. Everything costs $1 to him.

7. ABC - Age 9

Sunny Chanel / Via

Her favorite thing: A Pillow Pet named Pandy.

Why do you like it so much? Because it's soft and I can cuddle it and it's a pillow too!

Where did you get it? My mom bought it for me at Disneyland when I was 5. I really wanted a Pillow Pet.

How much did it cost? I dunno, like $20?


9. Eva - Age 11

Ana Fernandez Lamothe

Her favorite thing: A monkey stuffed animal.

Why do you like it so much? Because it's been in the family for 25 years and it's cute.

Where did you get it? It was passed down to me by uncle. Before that, it was my mom's, and before that, it was my abuela's.

How much do you think it cost? It was a long time ago, so I'm not sure. It came from Italy, maybe 10 euro?

10. Aedan - Age 5

Jennifer Lockwood

His favorite thing: A soccer trophy.

Why do you like it? Because I never really had a trophy and I was so excited.

Where did you get it? I got it at the pizza place.

What did it cost? It costs a lot of playing soccer and you have to work hard. It costs $40 and a lot of effort.

11. Max - Age 15

Lara Starr

His favorite thing: A computer.

Why do you like it? I like it so much because I spent a lot of time saving up, and an entire night building it.

Where did you get it? There were shady deals made with friends for some of the parts. It looks good, and is so much better than my old one. I bought the parts online, and acquired one part from a friend.

How much did it cost? It cost $1100, but is worth $1600.


12. Rosie - Age 3

Becky Taylor Hellwig / Via

Her favorite thing: Her "Naanay" blanket.

Why does she love it? She has always been attached to it for ever. It comforts her when she cries and we pray that it is never lost.

Where did she get it? It was her sister Stella's blanket when she was a baby.

How much does it cost? Rosie says it is priceless. As a parent I wouldn't know what to do if we lost it. I agree with Rosie.

13. Miles - Age 7

Louise Manning Bishop / Via

His favorite thing: A Pikachu stuffie.

Why does he like it? It's his favorite because he is the best and he thought he would never have one.

Where did he get it? At Dave and Busters. He got it last week for his birthday.

What does it cost? $35.

14. G - Age 4

Désirée Fawn / Via

Her favorite thing: Winston. My Boston Terrier.

Where did you get him? My mom got him before I was born. He's 8 years old. Tomorrow is his birthday and he'll be 9!

Why do you like him so much? Because he's crazy like I am. He runs and then goes "bark, bark, bark."

How much did he cost? 69 dollars and 19 cents.

15. Lily - Age 4

Emelia Cellura

Her favorite thing: Baby Aurora. One of the Disney Princess babies.

Why do you like it so much? Because she's my favorite and she's always been my favorite.

Where did you get it? At ToysRUs when I was a baby.

How much do you think baby Aurora cost? Twelve and fifteen dollars.

16. Hayden - Age 7

Melissa Mitchell / Via

His favorite thing: An iPad mini

Why do you like it? I have fun with it. I like to watch videos on it. I like to play games too.

Where did you get it? My mom and dad.

How much did it cost? $100

17. Paloma - Age 6

Dave Hernandez

Her favorite thing: Missing Person Spring Session LP.

Why do you like it? Some of the records are not what I really like but some records I do like. I don't know it's just my favorite. I like Leslie Gore too.

Where did she get it? She randomly found it in her dad's record stacks.

How much does it cost? $40.