How To Turn Into A Hipster In 10 Easy Steps

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1. First of all, you need glasses you DON’T need


The vital element hipsters look for when they need more tribe members.

2. Don’t forget ye old flannel shirt


You’re not a hipster until you have a flannel shirt!

3. Add drably colored knitted beanie



4. Get hipster-guy or hipster-gal


So someone will understand you. Also, good arm candy.

5. Never shave if you’re a guy…


Hipster chicks dig that facial hair

6. … or go hard out on the glasses and headband if you’re a gal


So you get all the attention, not your ginger-beaded hipster-guy!

7. Have moustaches. Moustaches EVERYWHERE


Just because


Moustache this, moustache that


Because you can never get enough of moustache

8. Go heavy on the neon nail polish


Because nothing is more hipster than chipped neon nails

9. You MUST Instagram absolutely EVERYTHING!


And by everything, oh, I mean everything.

10. But if permanent hipster isn’t your thing, wear whatever you have


Screw matching, and be as hipster as ever

Oh, and remember…


Hipster Ariel will always be your hipster bud. Unless being your friend becomes too mainstream, of course.

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