10 Worst Fashion Trends To Ever Exist

Oh, god.

1. JNCO jeans


Remember these? Remember how cool they were?

2. Crocs


Although they are comfy… they are ugliest foot ware humankind has seen.

3. Uggs


Like Crocs, although they’re oh so comfortable, these booties from DownUnder just don’t belong in the looks category.

4. School Style


You spend hours adjusting your school uniform and are forever looking forward to the day you get out of those disgusting things. You graduate, only to get back to looking like you’re in school.

5. Black Lipstick


Black lippy is one of those things where some people look amazing in (e.g. Paige Thomas), and where other people look like the disaster Taylor Momsen has become.

6. Gap Between Front Teeth


Yes, heaps of models have it. But it’s still kinda ugly, amirite?

7. Tanning Obsession


Not really a trend, but if you do overdo the tan, bye bye social status (if you had one to begin with).

8. Ganguro


Ganguro is a Japanese trend in which women dye their hair blonde, pink or silver and tan viciously. Followed by silver eye shadow.

9. Corsets


Don’t even get me started on these torture devices.

10. Ear Cuffs/Wraps


They’re OK, but personally, I just don’t like them.

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