14 Lifechanging Inventions From The Past 20 Years

Modern technology would be pretty confusing if you went 20 years without it. Here are a few devices you wouldn’t understand if you spent the last 2 decades awaiting your execution, and watch Daniel Holden get reacquainted with the outside world when he’s released from death row on “Rectify,” Mondays at 9pm on the Sundance Channel.

1. The Internet

glenmcbethlaw / Via Flickr: glenpooh

Remember Encyclopedias? Yeah, that was life 20 years ago.

2. Email

Has this bettered our world, or worsened our attention spans?

3. MP3 Players

Ricardo Gómez / Via instagram.com

Gone are the days of rollerblading around with our portable CD players : (

4. DVDs

Ethan Miller / Via gettyimages.com

Wait, but does anyone actually use these?

5. Gameboys

Damien McFerran / Via Twitter: @DamienMcFerran

Can someone explain what Pokemon are???

6. Digital Cameras

Saray / Via instagram.com

If cell phones were invented too, why do we need digital cameras? How many things are we supposed to want pictures of?!

7. iPads

jetalone / Via Flickr: jetalone

So the future is smudged screens and endless digital keyboard playing? We’re in!

8. GPS

JosephLou™ / Via Twitter: @JosephLou

You mean there’s a solution to the nightmare that is family road trips?!

9. The Wii

What? We can actually play tennis in our living room? But why would we want to?

10. Youtube

theanthonyryan / Via Flickr: useanthonyryansphotos

There’s a website just full of cat videos? That’s pretty amazing.

11. Furby

vanguardista / Via Flickr: vanguardista

How has this happened?!?!

12. Hybrid Cars

These come with tax deductions!!!

13. E-Book Readers

bergasonic / Via instagram.com

What was wrong with books before??

14. Google Glass

@esymai / Via Twitter: @esymai

Yep, it’s official. George Orwell was right.

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