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21 Things Only People With Chronic Pain Understand

Chronic pain can make you feel like you've got nowhere left to turn for relief. But with soothing, natural heat therapy from Sunbeam®, you can fight back.

2. When you have to avoid fun and stimulating places because you’ll probably be in pain.

3. When you let some of your passions and dreams go because you can’t physically do them any longer.

4. When you wonder how it’s even possible for hair to hurt.

6. When the doctor asks you to rate your pain from 1–10 and you laugh inside because it feels like a 20.

7. When you can’t decide which body part to put the heating pad on.

8. When the doctor asks if the pain is dull, stabbing, aching, sharp, burning, or shooting and you say “all of the above.”

10. When all you want to do is lie in bed but you know that lying in bed can just make the pain worse.

11. Not being able to get up and play with your children.

12. When everyone thinks you’re a flake because you always cancel plans.

14. You miss family, friends, and travel because long car rides and flights are nearly impossible to endure.

15. When you have to make the day a pajama day because you’re in too much pain to put on clothes.

16. "But you’re too young to have a chronic condition!” Cool, I’ll remember to tell my body that!

18. When people don’t believe you're hurting because your pain isn’t physically visible to them.

19. When all you want is a hug and some comforting words but you don’t want to bring anyone down.

20. When people say stuff like “did you try this?” or suggest “cures” as if they know your pain.

Natural remedies like heat therapy can go a long way to help soothe the effects of many types of chronic pain. With heated therapy products from Sunbeam®, you can find targeted relief with one of nature’s most effective treatments and help your body relax.