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My Favorite Toys

I was born in 1990 and these are just a few toys I remember from my childhood. I tried to add a few that you may have forgotten about... feel free to add your own!

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  • BopIt

  • Creepy Crawlers

  • Easy Bake Oven

    (I had the M&M cake set!)

  • Gak!

  • Treasure Trolls

  • Jibber Jabber

    (the cause of headaches for parents everywhere) If you don't recognize this one, Youtube it. :)

  • Kitty Surprise

  • ORIGINAL Polly Pocket

  • ORIGINAL Littlest Pet Shop

  • (we had the hamsters with the moving wheel)

  • Skip It

    (I got two of these for my birthday one year!)

  • Sky Dancers

    (great to use as a projectile toward younger siblings)

  • Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid

    (YES. They did eat your hair.)

  • Teddy Ruxpin