10 Things We Did At Camp That Our Parents Never Knew About

Summer camp was a time for firsts. And the “firsts” that your parents never found out about are what made it so much fun. This summer, “Summer Camp” is giving lucky contestants a chance to re-live (or re-do) some of these classic camp moments. But this time, camp is all grown up. Check out the premiere of SUMMER CAMP on Thursday July 11 at 8/7c on USA.

1. Kissed…a lot.

You may squirm with embarrassment when you think about it now, but that first kiss in back of the mosquito infested bathroom stalls was pretty magical.

2. Smuggled in contraband.

Stefan Dietz / Via Flickr: coyotetrips

In college it was beer and dirty magazines, but back then you were lucky if you could sneak in some Oreos and your cell phone.

3. Snuck out of your cabin.

Thinkstock / Via Jupiterimages

Maybe you had a boy to meet up with, or maybe you just liked the feeling of causing trouble (kinda).

4. Put things in the bonfire that definitely don’t belong in the bonfire.

Those flames just instantly brought back your caveman instinct. Sorry mom, blame evolution.

5. Got to use weirdly dangerous equipment.

Smoobs / Via Flickr: smoo

Bow and arrows? Your mother would never let you do that at home.

6. Got way too close to the local wildlife.

Senia L / Via Flickr: sam-_-

In the suburbs, your mother was always telling you the raccoons in the backyard had rabies. At camp, you all lived as one!

7. Got weird in some mud.

Robby Van Arsdale / Via Flickr: room2593

Your parents would make you sleep in the yard before letting you in the house covered in mud.

8. Dyed your hair with leftover Kool Aid from the cafeteria.

Adventures in Sauce / Via Flickr: 65997863@N00

You thought you were sooo rebellious, and ignored the fact that it would wash out after one shower.

9. Created a completely new identity in hopes of being the cool kid at camp.

heymarchetti / Via Flickr: csb555

Ah yes, your parents were former secret Russian spies turned CIA agents that were plotting to kill a notorious international jewel thief AKA your mom was an English teacher and your dad sold air conditioners.

10. Slept through 1/4 of your activities.

Bureau of Land Management / Via Flickr: blmoregon

After all, it’s summer vacation.

For some grown-up camp fun, check out USA Network’s new reality competition, “SUMMER CAMP.”

Premiering Thursday, July 11 at 8/7c.

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