10 Reasons Why You Wish You Could Go Back To Summer Camp

Being a grown-up is great…but it’s pretty hard to beat those summer camp days. Ever wish you could go back? USA is giving some lucky contestants a chance on “Summer Camp,” a new reality show where the only rule is: there are no rules. Tune in to the premiere Thursday, July 11 at 8/7c. This isn’t the summer camp you remember.

1. You didn’t have to worry about what you wore.

Max Wolfe / Via Flickr: leeadlaf

You wore ponytails and cargo shorts everyday and nobody cared. You were in the woods after all.

2. Newcomb was soooo much cooler than volleyball.

Alex / Via Flickr: learza

3. You’ll never forget your first summer love.

Nate Bolt / Via Flickr: boltron

Remember how awesomely dramatic it was saying goodbye at the end of the summer? That awkward kiss when you ended up bumping foreheads? Aww, you were so innocent back then.

4. There was no bond stronger than your cabin’s bond.

rachellynnae© / Via Flickr: rach_365

5. Someone just handed these to you on a daily basis. Amazing.

6. Capture the flag was the first time you ever got to be a hero.

Phalinn Ooi / Via Flickr: phalinn

7. The constant fear of water fights was strangely exhilarating.

8. Relay races were the solution to any problem.

rachellynnae© / Via Flickr: rach_365

First one to finish wins!

9. You knew it wasn’t “free-swim” without one of these.

A4themonth / Via commons.wikimedia.org

10. When you got too old to be a camper, you could always come back and be a counselor!

USAG- Humphreys / Via Flickr: usaghumphreys

For some grown-up camp fun, check out USA Network’s new reality competition, “SUMMER CAMP.”

Premiering Thursday, July 11 at 8/7c.

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