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Nothing better than a good book!

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What to expect

“Should I read this?” This is something that you will rarely hear out of an English major’s mouth, but it is a sentence frequently heard in modern society, where there are so many brilliant novelists putting their ideas out into the world. This means that not every book can find its way to the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

Independent bookstores, a common sight in Charlotte, give authors a chance to showcase their talent within smaller communities, fostering creative expression on a local scale. They also hold community events that establish a deeper bond between the store and the people that they interact with. This blog is primarily going to cover independent bookstores in Charlotte, North Carolina and the impact that they make in their communities.

Check back every week for an update on independent and used bookstores in the Charlotte area. From book signings and poetry readings to used book drives, this blog will cover anything that you might want to know about independent book stores.

To give you a taste of what you might find on this blog, here are a few blogs that also write about small bookstores around the United States:

A little about me

My name is Summer Butner and I am a senior English major from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which means that I spend most of my waking hours reading, writing, and talking about books that I have read. Hopefully through this blog, I can make people more aware of the great literature and bookstores that they can find if they look a little harder at the world around them.

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